About Us

Our mission is to provide a national platform for student athletes to display their talents. We will gather the top talent from around the country and assemble the most competitive youth football teams in the world. Gridiron Kings wants to shine a light on the unknown student athletes who work hard in the classroom, and on the field to take their football career to the next level. We exist to help these student-athletes reach their goal to earn a college scholarship. Competing against the best will help them be their best. Gridiron Kings is an organization that organizes sporting events to develop dedicated youth athletes into excellent athletes on and off the field. We also assist student-athletes from across nation in acquiring football scholarships.

The activities and trainings we are organizing will be recognized on the local and national level by collegiate coaches. We strongly believe that we can make a significant impact in our national community by mentoring our young athletes. Providing them with an excellent football training experience, and helping them hone their overall football skills will help them be successful as they continue to pursue a college scholarship. The purpose is to connect talented student-athletes with collegiate programs that are willing to provide athletes with full or partial scholarship.

At Gridiron Kings, we only recruit those players who have the discipline to excel academically and athletically. We will not only provide training to develop their physicals skills, but their mental skills as well. We will provide training programs to develop their speed, agility, strength, and position specific skills. We are dedicating ourselves to providing first-class platform that allows our youth athletes to thrive in an environment where they can showcase their skills and be challenged mentally. We want to enhance their football competence, sharpen their minds and develop their character through our scholarship program. We are committed to teaching respect, loyalty, comradery, and most importantly teamwork. We love our student athletes. We will strive to make them all feel valued, important, and accepted as members of our Gridiron King family.

Gridiron Kings is honored to bring so many young athletes from diverse backgrounds together in harmony and unity. The innate pride that we are carrying from our respective team is interwoven like a vibrant tapestry of culture and togetherness. Gridiron Kings is looking forward to seeing our youth become successful in their chosen field. Their success will give us the will and the strength to continue fulfilling our mission to help many more young athletes. We are very excited about the Gridiron Kings’ future as our organization expands to other communities reaching more young people.

Our staff will be selecting the top Youth Football players in 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grades for the Gridiron All-American Bowl. Also, there’s no weight limit and only 25 players will be selected per team.